(Event) Latin American Classical Flute and Guitar by Monching Carpio & Raymond Sarreal (3/15)

Hello everyone! We would like to invite you to another concert at our shop, this time classical guitar and flute. The program will include pieces from Latin America (actually mostly South America, save for Cuba, which is actually in North America). It will be amazing! The program will be at the end of this post.

In the past, all our concerts had been free, but this time we are charging a php500 cover fee. The reason for this is that we are testing a model of bringing classical music to a paying audience in intimate venues. Hopefully at some point we can find a model which other establishments can replicate as well. Imagine a world where local shops or restaurants can host high-quality musical concerts on a regular basis. The public can access different and excellent entertainment, and our musical artists can have more opportunity aside from just playing in giant concert halls!

Let me break down the numbers for you: when we host musicians, we usually pay them php3,000 or 4,000 each, and we usually host 15-20 people. We also spend around php1,000-php2,000 for refreshments and advertising. So in total for each concert with 2 musicians, we pay around php7,000-php10,000. But we usually open up our shop after, and make around php5,000 in sales. So we could possibly enjoy a classical concert with net spending of php1,000 to php5,000 (we did not put a cost to our time). Hosting concerts does give us some benefits I suppose on the marketing side, but it is something we do simply because we are happy to do it and we wish it could be the norm.

But what if, we can show that there is an actual demand for live classical music in small venues? That other small shops can host concerts without financial risk? That they can propose to musicians as valid venues that will not just use them as background music, but places where a curious and appreciative audience will pay attention and allow themselves to be carried away by the music!

That is why we are charging for these concerts. It is a big step for us, hopefully to be able to make the concerts sustainable for other business owners, and providing alternatives to the sporadic large concerts in CCP or other remote (for us, haha) venues. It also hopefully will help create more links between artists and audiences, with decreased layers of mediators.

I hope you support this endeavour. It is a fantastic price to pay for such an intimate classical music experience. There will be snacks... and a special gift from us! As always, show starts on time. Contact hola (sa) ritual (tuldok) ph or 09175245953 for reservations. Thank you!

Here is the program:

Suite Buenos Aires – Maximo Diego Pujol (Argentina)
Suite Habana – Eduardo Martin (Cuba)
Bachianas Brasilleras No. 5 – Heitor Villa-lobos (Brazil)

Guitar: Vals 2 & 3 – Antonio Lauro (Venezuela)
La Catedral – Agustin Barrios (Paraguay)
Primavera PorteƱa – Astor Piazzolla (Argentina)

History of Tango – Astori Piazzolla (Argentina)

Here is some info about the venue:

How to get to the shop
2/F, Languages Internationale Bldg.
926 Arnaiz Ave., Makati
(behind New World Hotel)
Parking at Greenbelt

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(Sale) Pre-Christmas Soap Sale 2019

Has it already been two years since we posted on this blog?

The shop has grown (or grown more complicated to run, ha ha). We have resisted most avenues of growth as we still want to keep our sanity and joy in what we do. Since two years ago, many other shops have come up with the zero- or less-waste ethos, and that's been great for everyone! Needless to say, it has us feeling a bit relaxed about that advocacy, making room for younger and more energetic people. We find our interests gearing towards actually creative regenerative agricultural practices in our own lives (i.e. eventually leaving Manila).

Anyway, checking in to tell you (if there is anyone still reading this) that we are having the soap sale again this year. You know the drill! Email us at sales (sa) ritual (tuldok) ph.


(Sale) Pre-Christmas Liquid Soap Sale

We are announcing a pre-Christmas liquid soap sale. You can get 5 pieces for the price of 6 of our standard liquid soaps of lemongrass, lavender, orange, peppermint, and our new seasonal scent: rosemary! We shall deliver to you for free on weekends, if you order 36 pieces or more.

Please call 734-5486, email hola (at) ritual (dot) ph, or visit our shop to avail of this special promotion. You can be invoiced via PayPal or transact via bank deposit if you arrange for delivery over email or phone. This discount will run until October 15, 2017.