(New) Found Things

We are now going to offer for sale old interesting objects that we love under the section "FOUND". This book shown here is a charming little publication on Danish-American food and culture.

(Sale) Pre-Christmas Liquid Soap Sale

We are announcing a pre-Christmas liquid soap sale. You can get 5 pieces for the price of 6 of our standard liquid soaps of lemongrass, lavender, orange, peppermint, and our new seasonal scent: rosemary! We shall deliver to you for free on weekends, if you order 36 pieces or more.

Please call 734-5486, email hola (at) ritual (dot) ph, or visit our shop to avail of this special promotion. You can be invoiced via PayPal or transact via bank deposit if you arrange for delivery over email or phone. This discount will run until October 15, 2017.


(Ideas) Adlai Champorado

Adlai is the new "it" grain in the Philippines. Never thought we'd be munching on another local grain ("Are there even any?" is a question we get a lot from customers) in a country where people only ever eat rice (and in some areas, corn) as their staple food.

It's gluten-free, vaguely rice-like, and (mostly) sustainably grown. Dieters and avocado-and-egg-grain-bowl-eaters are hoarding it. Restaurants are serving it up in hearty bowls of "risotto" and fancied up tiny porridges.

You can have it in countless ways, but now that rainy season has made mush of our brains and turned us into little children again, we can think of nothing but "You can champorado that!".

So boil up your champorado like you usually do (or like this or this or this), keeping in mind that the adlai needs either a bit more of a soak or longer boiling. It will never become truly soft and mushy.