(New) Coconut Sugar, Pinipig, but first, the Holidays

So yes, we can feel that Christmas is coming. We have mixed feelings about how people celebrate Christmas these days. From the simple holiday we remember as kids, it has now turned into a super-commerical, credit-card-swiping frenzy. So, we encourage our clients and friends to spend only what they can afford, to keep it simple, and to focus on creating great spaces for gathering. Don't let media pressure you into stressing yourself our during the holidays. Enjoy a bibingka, go see old claymation cartoons, and sip salabat.

Nonetheless, we have are coming up with a few Christmas packages. No gross shiny wrapping paper, no plastic this-and-that. We put some of our organic food products in small jars for sets. Simple stuff, check back here or drop by the shop next week:

In other news, we are beginning to stock bulk coconut sugar and pinipig at the shop! We also have a new "grab-and-go" section with our bulk goods packaged in 500 ml glass jars, for those in a hurry. You can take these back for refills next time.

Coconut sugar tastes wonderful, It is less cloying than cane sugar, and can be used in coffee, cacao, baking, and generally as a sugar substitute. It is better for diabetics, and adds a delicious coconut flavor to everything. We can't stop eating bits of it all day.

Undas, or the begining of November, kicks in pinipig season. Pinipig is pounded rice. This season yields the green sort, when the rice is immature. Regardless of color, when you toast them, you get puffed, crispy rice. Sprinkle liberally on your cacao, or use as cereal.

(We saw the man above selling some in Batangas. Here he is filling our cloth bag with some personal stash. The ones at the shop are from Ilocos, and not the green sort-- we are still working on that!)


(New) Abaca-Cotton-Silk Bags, Black Rice

Check out these beautiful new bags from Bin 'Al Kay! They are made in Palawan with an innovative weave of local fiber abaca, silk and cotton, and screenprinted with gorgeous designs. We're pretty excited about the incorporation of local textiles into products that are useful for everyday-- not just as token "ethnic" ornaments.

We also have new roughly polished black rice from Nueva Ecija. This is a good starting point for those who can't have extremely fibrous rice, but want to make the switch to less processed grain. It's delicious stuff. Bring your own container!

Other new stuff on our shelves: Silly Sili organic chili flakes and chili pickled in cane vinegar and mascobado sugar.