(Inspiration) Bao Possibilties

A kitschy little thing that shows the possibilities of coconut shells, Saramsam, Laoag, Ilocos Norte.


Looking Forward, 2012

The silence is because of increase busy-ness, but also from a relaxing after the holidays, and technological goodbyes. So, let us take one last break before we launch into the year.

We are not going to be at the Legazpi Market this weekend, as the whole crew is heading out up north for some R&R and looking forward (isn't that a much better way to say "planning"?).

This shop is not just a business, it is our heart and our selves poured out into a physical space. As we change, become more experienced, meet new people and lay our feet on different soils, the shop changes shape. Needless to say, it hasn't really had a shiny new face after Christmas, but trust that after this weekend, we will know what rearrangements and additions, if any, to make. In the meantime, here are our resolutions.

Share more
An incredible amount of work and documentation goes into our product sourcing. We admit that we haven't been the best at sharing these. Our adventures will hopefully interest you and inspire you to explore your country or neighborhood a little bit more. Although we definitely aren't making our own travel show or podcast, we would like to keep you posted in a basic way about what we are doing. Yes-- this includes finally making a website.

Connect systematically with entrepreneurs
We meet some pretty amazing people. But we know there are much, much more. We want to meet more people from all walks of life that are passionate about what they are doing. People who are doing something good and original. People who aren't just copying the latest food and fashion blogs, or trends, but dialogue with their materials and can manifest truth and beauty through it. We like to meet you all! Have regular coffee chats together!

Travel less
Our other sustainable company, to do with cacao, is really taking off, so more focus is required of us. We shan't be shuttling off every other day anymore. We will be around to nurture all our projects!

Get more people to refill
That means you. This means design solutions and more dialogue and interaction.

Happy first quarter of the year, all!