(Food) Oyster Mushroom Soup with Sea Salt and Truffle Oil

As the nights begin to get cold and rainy, we crave for soup. If you've ever tried your hand at growing oyster mushrooms, you know that they thrive with little care and attention. They are abundant and inexpensive. Don't let anyone tell you that you need expensive European fungi to make mushroom soup.

We're working on bottled soup at the shop. Here is one of our successful experiments.

Oyster Mushroom Soup with Sea Salt and Truffle Oil

6 heaping handsful of oyster mushrooms
3 onions
1 head of garlic
1 potato
6 sprigs of parsley
olive oil
4 leaves of oregano brujo or 2 sprigs of regular oregano
truffle oil
sea salt

First, make a light broth. Take two handsful of oyster mushrooms, two quartered and peeled onions, half a head of garlic sliced through, and two sprigs of parsley. Boil these in a liter of water. Throw a potato in midway. This potato should be peeled and cut across halfway, and broken the rest of the way, to release the starches. Season your broth with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, release a lot of olive oil into a medium-heated pan. Toss the rest of the mushrooms in, chopped. Add the rest of the onions, chopped. Add the rest of the head of garlic, but minced. Allow the mushrooms to simmer in their own liquid and oil. After about ten minutes, add the herbs (the rest of the parsley, plus chopped oregano). Cook a bit longer, then switch off your stove, and finish with salt and pepper.

See that your broth is tasty enough, adjust seasonings. Then throw in your sauteed mushrooms in a blender. Add half the broth and liquefy. Keep adding broth to the consistency you desire.

Return to the pan to heat, while you are toasting crusty bread. Put those in bowls, top with hot soup, drizzle with truffle oil. Garnish with parsley, if you are so inclined. Eat outside on a rainy day.