(Small Celebrations) Simple Snacking

Simple snacking. For 30 pesos, you support street vendors who act as the final capillaries bringing nutrition into the city, you get no plastic, no junk in your body.


(New) Raw Cashews, New Coconut Sugar, Coffee Concentrate, and Theo + Philo Toffee Flavor!

New stuff at the shop! Raw cashew nuts from Bataan, a new coconut sugar from a new community in Cagayan de Oro (great sugar-- minimal moisture), cold-brewed arabica coffee concentrate, and a new flavor from Theo + Philo-- milk chocolate and toffee! The new bar chow-- so good with shots.


(Music) Santo & Johnny

A pair of teenage Italian brothers from Brooklyn (with their uncle on drums) played a swooning hit that has been covered by countless artists since-- but none come close to the clean simplicity of the original. Like salonpas for your soul on this rainy morning.