(Hello) What's New?

Hello everyone!

We are happy to say we are fairly settled in our new(ish) store. Here are some changes we will be bringing on shortly:

Cacao and Coffee

We are now offering cacao and coffee in-store under the small venture called Barrios. This is in our store, and just a tiny way for us to share our passion for local coffee and cacao. It is named after Agustin Barrios. And barrios. Get it?

Shop Hours

In February, we are also adjusting our opening hours to 11 AM to 8 PM instead of 12 noon to 9 PM. This makes it easier for us to cater to those who want some morning time in, and also makes it safer for us to get home in this crazy giant megacity. We are also considering opening on Sundays-- this is still a debate among us. Please let us know your thoughts via email!

This coming week, we are putting on sale all our publications, textiles, and alcoholic beverages. Please stop by or check out our Facebook page for announcements. 

Price Increase / Tax Change

On our sixth year in the "legit business" world, we are shifting to a corporation from a sole proprietorship. Not only does this mean we get to make shareholders out of our dearest employees and supporters, it also means that we now have to pay 12% VAT (value-added tax). Previously, we paid a 3% percentage tax. We are raising our prices, probably the first time in three years for most of our products. We are also somewhat adjusting our pricing for bulk goods. Our updated price list will be posted shortly.

Bulk Sales on Pause

We cannot cater to new bulk clients until Friday of the coming week. Existing clients can be serviced! We are adjusting our pricing structure.


We are also now primarily delivering via GrabExpress. Please email us for more details-- or if you know of any remaining bicycle messengers around! We will be doing some number-crunching to see if hiring our own dedicated delivery person will be worth it.


We would like to join less "mainstream" tiangges, ie, bazaars in small schools, municipal halls, hobby events, whatnot. Please keep us posted if you know of any!

Thank you for your continued support as we grow our little shop.