(New) Organic Red Rice, Theo & Philo Chocolates, And A Bit On Sesame-Molasses Snacks

We present you with red rice for people who do not like ordinary red rice. Just enough texture, without being tough. A fantastic, organic everyday rice from Nueva Ecija.

Theo & Philo is the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the country. Using local beans, they create a unique bar that is more "rugged" than your normal specialty chocolate. We currently stock the 70% dark chocolate variety, dark chocolate with siling labuyo (local hot peppers), and milk chocolate with local barako coffee.

Speaking of snacks, a handmade sesame we have named "Jimmy's Mama's" is on our counter. You've had this at some time or another in your childhood-- local sesame (black and white, combined), cooked in the best local molasses or tagapulot. (Molasses is here understood as boiled-down sugarcane juice, and not the byproduct of white sugar production.) This is a gluten-free snack that is good for you. It is made by Jimmy's mom in Ilocos, where he plants a field for her to use in her candy-making.

Brittle-type candies are made all over the world-- from the Americas to the Middle East to East Asia. They are some of the most ancient forms of candy, using either molasses, palm syrup, or honey to bind seeds and nuts together (a precursor to the modern granola bar). As you may read in The Oxford Companion to Food by Alan Davidson:
"Brittle is a simple and ancient sweet, and has been made for centuries in many countries. It is very similar to some types of nougat made with honey and nuts only (no egg white). Two examples are the Provencal 'croquant' made with sugar, honey, and almonds; and Italian 'croccante' with sugar, sometimes a little butter (which makes it less hard), and almonds. Similar confections of nuts, especially pistachios, almonds, and cashews, or sesame seeds, are popular in parts of the Arabic speaking world. Versions of nut and sesame seed brittle are to be found in many parts of Asia...peanut brittle is a popular sweet in North America."

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