(Food) Remembering Nochebuena

Nochebuena was a night of good food (both real and ceramic). It was put together by the Office of Culture and Design and us to show visiting ceramicist from Barcelona, Xavi Manosa (Apparatu), a good time, and to have a bit of friendly competition between cool projects. A few presented, and the table voted, and the winner took the kitty home (it was JJ of Pinoy Eats World-- pitching for an oven for a Dumaguete community kitchen).

The dinner featured local ingredients from our great producers, and was prepared by Tom Bascon and Erwin Lizarondo. It was great. Here are some photos (it's never too late). Read more about it here. We plan to do more dinners like this. Maybe we'll tell you all before (not after) we do it. ;)

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