(New) Unbleached Loofah, Liz's Truffles, Blocks of Pure Cacao

Loofah is the skeleton of the patola plant. We know patola as the vegetable in misua. At Kapisan Urban Farms, the ones that grow higher and are more difficult to harvest are left to dry. We then peel them, sterilize under Papa Sun, and cut into manageable pieces. We do not bleach them like commercial producers do. You may use loofah for your body, or as a biodegradable dish scrub. As with anything, leave in the sun once in awhile to sterilize and make new again. At the end of its life, compost. No problem.

Our friend Liz makes truffles. The cacao is not local yet-- although there are people getting into cacao conching, giving hope that a meltable base for "normal" European-style chocolates will soon be locally made. Get them from our chiller.

We now have our pure cacao in 100 gram blocks as well. Minimally processed-- fermented, roasted, ground. We previously only had them by the kilo. These are more manageable to use. You can make drinking cacao, or grate for baking or cooking. One woman uses them for her hair. We're not sure how, but she does.

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